Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wednesday, Sept. 18th at BJs: Desiree Dellagiacomo and Thaddeus Conti

Desiree Dellagiacomo will be performing this Wednesday at BJs' Blood Jet Reading Series

along with poet Thaddeus Conti, presenting poetry and art from his new book, Coloring Book for the Criminally Insane:

From the back cover:

Poet, artist and raconteur, Thaddeus Conti’s art explores the precarious margins of sanity, crawling right up to The Edge and peering deep into the darkness that lies inside that well. He is a bard for the modern age, willing to taste just enough of the poison of modern life to bring back visions & poems that draw us all closer to the fire & away from the darkness.

Books will be on sale at the reading.

All readings followed by the open mic hosted by Jimmy Ross, limited sign-up begins at 8PM.

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